UI/UX Design | Concept


UI/UX Design | Concept

“ReEat” is an app that encourage and help you to use up your leftover food. The idea is quite simple. One way to use the app is to either scan a recipe or manually fill up your inventory, and the app will give you inspiration on what you can eat, but also how you can use the leftovers. The other way to use the app, is to either find inspiration in the main menu or directly search for it. If you for example have 0.5kg of salmon filet left, you can search for salmon filet and you will get a ton of example recipes on how you can use your leftover filets to create a filling and delicious meal.

ReEat sider zooma ut png

UX/UI: Showcasing the average user flow of the app. Depending on the time of day, different recipe suggestions will show up. At dinner time, common dinner leftovers like fish or chicken will show up on the main page. From there a user can click on the leftover item, scroll through or search through the suggested usage of chosen leftovers. When found, clicking on a recipe will take you to the recipe page, where you can check off the different ingredients on the ingredient list as you are done with them during the process.

Three panel menu


Search results

Søk resultat

Recipe screen


Web/tablet layout: Since people today often use laptops and tablets instead of recipe books, I decided to scale up the web/tablet interface to make it more easily legible from a distance.

ReEat App Mockup Mobil 3

Video showcase: Quick video of the app in action. Created with a live prototype created in Adobe XD and Premiere Pro/After Effects.

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