Ability Phone

UI/UX | HTML/CSS | Concept 

Ability Phone

UI/UX | HTML/CSS | Concept 

Our assignment at Høyskolen Kristiania (Kristiania University College) was to create a HTML/CSS website from scratch. We could choose ourself what to sell/announce on this website, so I decided to create and sell a self-designed mobile phone. This project introduced us to the world of coding, so this is essentially the first website I have written purely on my own. This does reflect a tiny bit in the design department, as I had to sacrifice some visual fidelity to make sure I had a stable and working website in time. After all, as a UI/UX designer your job is not really about creating the most beautiful piece of art ever. You should try to make it pretty, but it does not matter that you have have a great looking interface design, if the user experience suffers as a result!


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