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Visual Identity | Concept

Musikaliteten is the biggest Music Theatre Festival in Scandinavia, created by music theatre students in Oslo. Their favorite design made by students at Høyskolen Kristiania would be chosen to create the visual identity and graphic profile for the actual event, and my group was chosen. The concept is titled “A little piece..”, a concept that aims to explore and challenge what it means to be Norwegian, and what it means to live in Norway today. Who can call themselves Norwegian? What is my idenity? What place do I have in society? We want to explore and challenge what it means to be a Norwegian today. We aim to appeal to a wide audience of unique backgrounds, religion, gender and age.

PF MST test
PF Musikaliteten TopPoster

Posters: Like with the rest of the visual idenity, we wanted to use colors, contrast and text hierarchy to make the posters stand out from the rest of posters all over the city. We used provoking “quotes” to make people stop and take a second look, hopefully making them look at the poster just long enough to become intrigued and maybe understand what this “Musikaliteten thing” is about. The photographs being of people looking into the camera will direct peoples attention towards the posters, as faces and eyes naturally catches your attention.


Website: Last year, Musikaliteten used Squarespace to host their website. To make this process easier for everyone, we decided to continue using Squarespace, but redesigning everything to fit this years visual identity and graphic profile. We had to use some custom CSS/HTML to make things look and work exactly how we wanted it to, and we are very happy with the end result.


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